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tv   Outnumbered  FOX News  June 15, 2016 9:00am-10:01am PDT

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will see you back here. i'll be back here to be on "outnumbered" start right now. >> fox news alert and we are awaiting as you see reporters gathering there, that is orlando florida. we are getting ready to hear an update from the orange county sheriff and orange county police department on the search or that little toddler who was grab the beach in a good area at disney world area that child dragged back into the water, the child was in the water, we understand there were no swimming signs or science that said no swimming but no gator signs up so the parents watching fireworks late last night, that child picked up
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off the beach thereby a gator where that child is, we don't know.they have already told us they cut open some alligators they tracked and killed to see if the remains of the child would be there. we don't know what this update will be, we will bring it to you live as soon as they stepped the microphone. >> we are awaiting remarks from donald trump, presumptive republican nominee expected to speak at any moment now in a rally in atlanta. he will likely have new reaction to president obama's attack. the president gave a fiery speech yesterday ring this hour. that slammed trumps response to the orlando terror shooting. he denounced the republicans proposal to ban the muslim immigrants as dangerous and rejected calls to use the term radical islam to describe muslim terrorist. we are watching for this and will bring you trumps remarks when they happen. >> another fox news alert for you this afternoon, major developments in the investigation into the orlando terror attack. as federal investigators
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zeroing in on the white of the nightclub shooter omar mateen. she herself could face very serious charges in the worst terrorist attack on american soil since 9/11. this is outnumbered. i'm sandra smith. here today, harris faulkner, cohosted after the bell on foxbusiness, melissa francis, jedediah beeler is here and today's hashtag one lucky guy, we are glad half back to the couch judge alex for eric, good to have you and you are outnumbered. >> thanks for having me, it's a pleasure. >> did she know of the horrors to come? this is the question we are lasting today and did she do nothing to stop it? federal prosecutors have convened a grand jury to investigate the white of the orlando nightclub shooter. according to a law enforcement source, they are looking into charging noor salman as an accessory to 49
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counts of murder and 53 counts of attempted murder. as well as failure to notify police about the pending terrorist attack and lying to federal agents. they believe she knew of her husband's deadly plans and did nothing to stop them. us as reports say she drove into the nightclub on a prior occasion. the news is happening fast and furious, details in this investigation continue to come out. based on what you learn so far about the involvement of omar mateen's wife in all of this, should she or will she be charged? >> obviously, i don't know what the federal prosecutors and fbi are looking at but my feeling is she will absolutely be charged. federal prosecutors typically don't panel a grandjury for sport . >> if you knew about his intention to attack this nightclub, and possibly another location and tried to stop him, would that relieve her of any charges? >> under some circumstances it can. knowing about the fact that he's going to commit a crime is not enough.she would need to be charged that goes with failing to report a crime. it requires an over act.
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it requires something beyond knowing. morally, we may know the crime and say i have a moral duty to try to stop it. legally, you are required to have some kind of overt participation and that would include her going somewhere. >> we will continue that in a moment, we want to bring you breaking news of the alligator taking the child off the beach in disney world. the police department in orange county florida now those of you who have children or grandchildren, i happen to have a two-year-old grandson and so for me, this is a very human experience we are talking about where we are dealing with this family now who, there's no question , will lose a two-year-old child. it has been now about 15 hours since the child was taken into the water by the alligator so we know that we
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are working on recovering the body of the child and so on the half of everyone that is engaged in this effort, our ultimate goal is to try to bring some closure to the family by recovering their loved one. we have in excess of 50 personnel from the orange county sheriff's office that is working on this recovery effort. we are going to be here throughout but we are also concurrently doing this investigation along with fwc, their executive director has traveled here from tallahassee, mister nick wiley is here. he will be speaking to you momentarily. i have received phone calls from the governor of the state of florida, rick scott about this effort. the mayor of our county and we have also spoken with various disney executives. i will tell you that disney is doing everything they can
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to make the family comfortable during this ordeal. as we have been dealing with this tragedy for the last few hours, i will tell you that it is somewhat of a complicated operation that we have going because this is a man-made body of water. it is a sizable body of water and it has certain systems built in to the waterway. my divers have been in the water today and at an appropriate time, they may be back in the water. we have our marine units out on the lake. they are using sonar equipment to see if they can locate the body as well. in addition to that, i'm going to ask again executive director for the fwc two, and share with you some of the things they are doing for the
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operation, mister nick wiley. >> thank you sherif. let me tell you that the cooperation and support from the orange county sheriff's department has been amazing. they have been here and really doing everything in their power. we have provided support, we have a team of people out on the water. about a dozen authors and also brought in some experience alligator trappers who know how to go out and find alligators. again, there's no real update on what we found so far. we are still going as hard as we can and we are still hopeful that we will be able to help this family find closure and again, our thoughts and prayers are with the family so governor scott called me also this morning to register his concerns and simply for the family as well as he very much is engaged in the process as we go forward. >>. [inaudible question] what i
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can tell you is that disney has operated here now for 45 this type of thing happened before. remember, this is freshwater and alligators are indigenous to this region of the country but i want to reiterate that disney has a wildlife management system that is in place and that they have worked diligently to ensure that their guests are not unduly close to the wildlife here in this area. [inaudible question] well, we are 15 hours in and there are obviously those here who saw the child taken under the water. we know that happened and it is not survivable at this point for him to be in the
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water at this period of time. we know this is a recovery effort at this point. >> what precautions are being taken by disney? >> i can tell you this is very concerning to disney. you all are very aware that disney made a decision to close the other beach and i believe that nine different properties in terms of the beach access to the resort areas and that comes with precaution to ensure that we can continue our operation without interfering with other watercraft that may be out on the waterways and also to make certain that other guests are not unduly undisclosed. [inaudible question] i will
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tell you the question here is in terms of the wildlife management , disney has a full-time staff that works with fwc and i'm going to ask the executive director to fill you in on what they are doing in that regard. >> disney has been very proactive with regard to dealing with alligators and as the sheriff said, a full-time staff observing these waters. they have an open system anytime they see an alligator or a complaint is called in that they can be taken out and these alligators are not relocated, when they become a problem that if you move them somewhere you are just moving the problem so they do everything by the book and they have an amazing program for keeping track of and monitoring and addressing any
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concerns that arise. [inaudible question] they taken out, routinely taken out alligators in the lakes on the property at large but i don't know, i haven't heard of anything out recently but they are not taking alligators out. [inaudible question] i'm not aware of that because there was no report me to the orange countysheriff's office . [inaudible question] in terms of signage, there's signage in this immediatearea that says no swimming allowed . that's the signage that is availablein this area .
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>> how long will this go on? >> the question is how long will we continue to search? we will search until we find the body. hopefully that will be today but if we have to extend beyond that we will do that as well. [inaudible question] has there anything been done ... [inaudible question] >> i'm not aware of any other instructions but alligators move across the land and underwater so this is not an option. >> what's that number at right now? [inaudible question] >> i'm not assuming there is no signage. it's still early in this process.
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>> what's that number at right now? >> one morealligator has been found . [inaudible question] >> i'm not sure. >> i guess the question is what can we do to improve security. again, this is a very active wildlife management system that is designed to move any potential threats. what were going to do also in terms of giving you another update , we anticipate that there will be another briefing somewhere around 6 pm today, if not before then as new developments pour in. at that time we will likely also identify the family that's involved. we are being sensitive to the needs of the family in terms of them being allowed to
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notify their other family members. we do not want them to hear or read about it from the media. [inaudible question] >> the question about as you interact with alligators, what does that mean? it really means the alligators are in fear of people and we all in florida and we encourage, we have a lot of information if you go to my, we have information about alligators . the story here is this is a tragedy that is terrible but it's a rare occurrence and unfortunately it doesn't happen that often and we are doing everything to make sure it doesn't happen again. [inaudible question] it's too early to speculate.
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i hate to go there because there's so many variables at play here. [inaudible question] >> some of that we can't get into. there is an active investigation going on. and it becomes a question that you asked. we have spanish-speaking media, we are going to transition to my media relations captain, captain angelo the others and he will be responding to questions in spanish. captain angelo dfs.
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[overlapping conversation] [speaking spanish] >> we have just been watching and it continues now in spanish for those reporters gathered there, or county sheriff and orange county police officers, a little bit of a change in tone from only saw in the last news conference this morning and here's what you need to know. it's now been 15 hours and the message from orlando there at disney as you saw is that witnesses saw the little two-year-old toddler dragged off that beach at that man-made lagoon at disney world area he did submerge under the water and what we are told now in this briefing is they pretty much know that's not survivable after all this time so you heard the words recovery efforts now.
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a very dire situationthere . we were given some facts about the park itself. 45 years without a problem. we do have a wildlife management program in place, they thought they could handle this but then the officials there reminding people that this is florida and gators are indigenous to florida and this can happen. we are expecting another briefing area status told us, possibly 6 pm eastern regardless of whatever else happens but if something breaks and they find any remnants or any sign or with a prayer that this child somehow survived it, they will break that news immediately obviously with the media right now the shift if you will, the update is this change in tone and the lingo of his recovery effort right now. a little voice taken off the beach by a gator last night as people watched fireworks at disney world. we will update you as we learn more. >> we are also waiting donald trump and we expect more reaction to the president
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from yesterday so in politics now, the president unleashed on the presumptive republican nominee and what some people are labeling a tantrum , a tirade from president obama. what we are waiting for and we will bring it to you live, stay with us. >> i'm terrible at golf.
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on what we are awaiting here, this is atlanta georgia at the fox theater and we are expecting him to step up to the lectern and give a speech. there's a rally, people have been coming in for that and we are expecting that visual as well but here's why we are watching so very closely area after president obama again, and he has done it more than a few times, launched against donald trump yesterday and in what some are calling a tirade, a tantrum about the uses of the word radical islamism and so much more. the president ripped into the presumptive nominee in that speech that critics again are questioning whether or not that was even leadership by president obama. for his response to the orlando terror attacks. he is rejecting calls to describe muslim terrorists as radical islamists. here's a recap, watch >> it's a political talking point, not a strategy.
9:23 am
and the reason i am careful about how i describe this threat has nothing to do with political correctness. and everything to do with actually defeating extremists . up until this point, this argument about labels was mostly partisan rhetoric. sadly, we've all become accustomed to that kind of partisanship. even when it involves the fight against these extremist groups. and that kind of reaction, folks across the government have prevented them from doing their jobs. we have proposals from the presumptive republican nominee for president of the united states for all muslims from immigrating to america. we hear language that singles
9:24 am
out immigrants and suggests an entire religious community are complicit in violence.>> in yapping, e dissenting isis savages, he called it yapping. at a rally last night. >> i watched president obama shooter area he was more said this, the level of anger, that's the kind of shooter and these killers >> donald trump is not the only one criticizing the president. new york post cococococococococ
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and wrote, it was a striking display of personal anger and total failure of leadership during a national crisis. obama's demeanor and tone were far from presidential. he applauds himself always he applauds himself always
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story at this hour. feds have convened a grand jury to investigate the light of the orlando nightclub shooter. her name, noor salman. what we know about her at this point. the fbi investigation has revealed that on several occasions, she actually drove
9:35 am
her husband, we know that she was the wife of the attacker, and they also had a child together, a son. on several occasions, the fbi revealing she goes into the nightclub. she says he tried to stop the attack from happening, she tried to talk. the plan from happening which indicated she knew he planned to attack the nightclub. what happens to her? >> okay, so as i said before, we had the brake for that horrible news.typically you are not legally responsible if you fail to report a crime you know is going to occur. unless you take some action to either conceal it or an over act. if you are a person with this in any way, some and committing a crime, you provide them with some assistance, even encouraging them to do it, ... driving him there that night or driving him there two cases
9:36 am
which is the allegations we are hearing or driving him to buy the ammunition, knowing he's planning it, all those maker and accomplice and under the law, she would be as responsible as he for what he did so she could face over 100 charges for murder and attempted murder of the survivors as well as i believe there's an allegation of lying to the police ask we know they got possession of his electronics, her cell phone, anything that will reveal what she knew when she knew it and what she tried to do about it. the investigators that cover these cases always say when you have somebody who's radicalized, it's obviously a long process. there are many signs along the way when they are planning something like this. the person that's living with him, there's no way she wouldn't know about it. now she's admitted, we seen reports that she was there when he bought the ammunition. she's gone by the club. it seems like they could at
9:37 am
least threaten her with conspiracy to commit mass murder. that's the death penalty right there. >> it actually goes beyond conspiracy once the crime is committed. she becomes a principal in the commission of the crime. what she's doing by trying to back out of it and saying i tried to stop him, michael told him not to do it is because if you are participating some extent, encouraging somebody, there is in the law an opportunity to back out before the crime is committed by taking affirmative to prevent the crimes commissionand there's nobody around to say she didn't say that she's going to claim she told them that but it will not be enough . >> as his wife said, she's been able to comment on his wherewithal, his mental well-being and said he was a violent guy. >> i don't understand how she's not charged. the comment you made, is that the defense that would be used to support her? being that she was so involved, she participated, she drove him, she didn't tell anyone. the situation can only get worse as we learn more but what does someone even duty to defend her in that case to get her out of these charges what is the defense question
9:38 am
mark. >> the defense you're going to see his battered spouse syndrome so you have the ex-wife and he's a beater and in the defense you're going to hear from her is she abused me, he threatened me, so it wasn't a conscious decision on my part, i was trying to survive. that's probably where they will go. they haven't charged for yet from what i understand. he'sbeen cooperating, giving them information so the minute they charge him , she lawyers up. >> if you look at it from the other perspective, if they do charger that the way to do something about this in the future. if you go after the people you know, don't you think that would be a way to stop future attacks?>> you know from san bernardino there were people who that couple, some relatives who might have known something so if you go after these family members, you wonder with this and brothers in boston how many people may have known? these were young men, one was married. what do these people who loved them know so if you start to go after that network around them of loved ones, maybe it can bolster and get people to come
9:39 am
forward. if i don't try to stop it i will go to prison or it could make it worse. it could get them to tighten same look, they're going to come after me. this is my loved one. we don't know how consistent these people are and what's going on. >> it goes to show you how wellthat shooter new the inside of that club, being driven there several times over a one-year period . not quitting yet, bernie sanders says he's staying in the race despite meeting with hillary clinton last night. doesn't even matter? or is he hurting party unity? >> if you think you've seen it all,
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trubiotics from one a day. >> he's not quitting yet. presidential candidate bernie sanders in the race after meeting with hillary clinton for nearly 2 hours at a hotel in washington last night. they sat down half hour after
9:44 am
polls closed in dc. the final democraticprimary of the season , neither took questions afterwards and both camps said they were focused on unifying the party. meantime, wall street journal reporting clinton is eager to win an endorsement from sanders. for now he's withholding that. still pressing the former secretary of state and democratic leaders to agree to some of his policy goals. jedediah, you have, i would call it a theory on what's going to happen here but you think bernie sanders would be great alongside hillary. argument against it is people say you know, independents would never vote for someone calls himself a socialist and i completely disagree with that because i think a lot of people who hear the term socialist don't equate that was something negative and i think people grossly underestimate the number of people that want free stuff right now, particularly millennial's. in 2015 there was a gallop poll that said 47 percent of americans would have no problem voting for a socialist. they don't care. >> give me the people that don't see the negative
9:45 am
outcome of a socialist society. there's a lot of them but why is he still in this race? >> it's amazing. yesterday driving and absolutely bananas. they were sure after this he was going to get out and every time there's a meeting, the press is waiting outside with baited breath and there sure he's going to announce the truth, he's going to say he's coming out? number it never happened then you remember when we came out of the white house and went to the podium and he looks furious and he got up there and laughing about how he staying in. he is not going anywhere and i have to tell you it's a delight to watch. >> melissa is having fun with it, what you make of all this i think he's staying in to get something that i think what you want us to be on the ticket. i don't know that she would put him on the ticket but you know what? this is the year of improbability. but would go as far as he did mark thought bernie would give the run for the money that he's given her so she
9:46 am
may look at it and say you know what? the percent of his followers are never going to follow me. i can't get them in the ticket, i get his audience as well as mine. >> item he's having so much on with it or he wants to be on the ticket or just really about his policy goals and he's trying to change the scope of hillary clinton campaign. >> one thing he wants to do outside the policy platform he's put forth with giving away free stuff and so on and so forth asking with changing the party. he really hates the superdelegate system so he hates debbie wasserman-schultz, you want to see her thrown out. he's got some things he wants but i think what is really interesting between hillary clinton's choices now, you saw her meet with elizabeth warren. or bernie sanders, either one of them could solve her problems with the pitch left within the party. i don't know that she necessarily wants to share the ticket with another woman and bernie, the two of them had seemed like their awfully friendly. >> one thing we didn't talk about is one about donald trump trying to support bernie sanders supporters? >> he's definitely trying to
9:47 am
scoop in and get those people on his team. it's an interesting crossover. you see bernie sanders, he doesn't have a lot of things he's really frustrated about. when he took to that podium, he blasted the oligarch that run the democratic party. that's the clintons. he talked about rich, powerful people that have been there forever, that's exactly who they're talking about. they're not friends anymore. it was a long meeting, not going anywhere. quite the burn. >> at the orlando massacre, the gun debate raise once again and as we see senate democrats in the midst of a filibuster on the floor, pushing for legislation for tougher gun laws. will we see any change on that front? it'sand your doctor at yoto maintain your health.a because in 5 days, 10 hours and 2 minutes you are going to be 67. and on that day you will walk into a room where 15 people will be waiting...
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shoshow me more like this.e. show me "previously watched." what's recommended for me. x1 makes it easy to find what you love. call or go online and switch to x1. only with xfinity. more "outnumbered" in just a moment but first to jon scott with what's coming up on the second hour of "happening now" >> you had the sheriffs news conference at the top of the hour, and alligator drags a toddler into the water. the horrified father tries in vain to save his son. now the heartbreaking search continues for the little boy and his remains.
9:52 am
that's underway at a disney resort, plus russian hackers breaking the computers of the democratic national committee, finding all the opposition research on donald trump. jason farland is here to talk about this bizarre cyber that and what it could mean for us russian relations and hillary clinton getting a boost from president obama. his popularity numbers are up both will mister obama support put her over the top, november? we talk about it at the top of the hour. >> thanks. fox news alert now, on chapel hill, democrat lawmakers have launched a filibuster on the senate floor. they are pushing for gun control. right now there are no fewer than 37 bills proposed by senate dems ranging from blocking done sales to background checks and this technically. as a true filibuster, holding up other action because they were talking about other things so they could press forward with action on firearms so everything else comes to a halt and these guys technically as i understand from chad our producer on the hill, could
9:53 am
literally talk for as long as they can talk. yeah. so we saw the president do a very quick turn, the first time he spoke after the orlando massacre. and so now, we have what's happening play out on the senate floor. we saw in the house a moment of silence disrupted by democrats walking out of that moment of silence. judge? >> in some respects i can agree with their passion over this. i just hate the fact that, what's that saying about never missing the opportunity of a tragedy to advance your cause? i think that's insane. >> we see it every time, every time there's a tragedy like this it's about gun control and i think americans, that's such a broad term. americans are perfectly fine with background checks, perfectly fine with the idea that and i totally agree with this, if you're on a terrorist watch list, you should be able to buy a gun. it wouldn't have affected the
9:54 am
orlando massacre because he was taken off the list. >> i want to get to you sandra with what you know about this rejoicing in orlando and the kind of got it was. it was purchased legally. >> it's inspired by nar 15, it's a european spinoff very similar to that but it wasn't just the president that took the conversation ofgun control right away, it was also hillary clinton, bernie sanders, many democrats that step forward and use this as an opportunity for more gun control. but it was a missed opportunity to talk about the root cause of this . the fbi has confirmed the shooter walked into that building and killed those 49 innocent people, he pledged allegiance to isis. the conversation about what inspired this man was missing immediately following the attack. >> absolutely, that's what the president should have done with that conversation when he came out of that meeting discussing the topic instead of using the tragedy
9:55 am
to discuss guncontrol. people get put on the watch list very quickly and sometimes it's the wrong people on the watch list . >> but you can appeal that. >> you can get off the watchlist and we take precautions with people who do domestic violence. if you were to go to court and file a injunction against your boyfriend, the judge will enter an order seizing the guns and preventing him from buying any guns. it's a preventative measure and it's not catastrophic. it will be reviewed and you could review the person on the watchlist. i think the government doesn't want to do it because they have to disclose the information. >> i'm going to step in because we just seen donald trump walk up. this is the trump theater in atlanta. will you respond to the president's comments yesterday quest let's watch. >>. [applause] god bless america,
9:56 am
god blessdonald . people have spoken, you're the one that's going to lead america to be greatagain . >> thank you coach. a great guy. great guy. so, the world is changing rapidly. it's a lot different. it's not a pretty picture, what's going on, folks and we're going to stop it. were going to stop it. you know, i've been doing this since june 16 so tomorrow it will be one year and i came down those escalators and who knew this was going to happen? a lot of people said i don't know . no, he won't run, he won't run and then boom, boom, one
9:57 am
after the other and here we end up. i love you too. i thank you. but it's been an amazing's been an amazing journey. and it's been incredible because i've really gotten to know the people of our country and they are incredible, incredible people . they are unbelievable people. and they want to see us making great trade deals and they want to see us strong borders because otherwise we don't have a country and they want to see people come in that really want to be here and they want to love us. they don't want to do harm or hurt us. they want to see that and if they don't see that, they are not happy. and there are a lot of people right now that are not happy. and we are not going to take it any longer. [applause] now, we will talk
9:58 am
about jobs and will talk about the economy and will talk about all the things that i talk about and where i seem to be getting a cord and you know, part of the reason i hit record because from an actual real wage standpoint, people are making less money today than they made 18 years ago and they're working harder area there working longer hours and it's not good, folks. it's not good. but we had an event, a horrible, horrible event this weekend in orlando. where 50 people, they say 49 but it will still probably be 50, people are so badly injured and so badly wounded sitting in hospitals and it's unthinkable and when you listen to the stories of what took place and the laughter
9:59 am
as this man was shooting, incredible, people. you say to yourself, how can this possibly be happening in the united states of america? how could this be happening? and we have to be top rated and we have to be smart. and we have to be vigilant. we have to be vigilant. and we have to have people report other people when they see things happening cause they're not doing that they're not doing it. they're not reporting people. they have to do that. [chanting] trump, trump, trump. >> that's okay. this house is packed. boy, we are packed. this is amazing.
10:00 am
you can get them out. he can stay, i don't care. i don't care. i don't care. so look, we have to be strong and we have to be smart area we can't let these things happen anymore. right? you agree with me, protester? do you agree? or do you think it's easier to be weak and ineffective like we are right now. i don't think it's okay. so we have a situation and i say this, i'm going to read it. i think he finally won, by the way. crooked hillary. hillary, ladies and gentlemen. she's as crooked as they come area as crooked as they come. so you have hillary, i think bernie is now ou


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